My android diary app that integrated a Bayesian machine learning algorithm in it.

Still working on it…

View codes on github:


Whisper is an Android diary app, featuring a novel function - to detect the owner’s mood, and reacts with color switching or corresponding responses.

How to install:

Well I haven’t got the time to provide an apk file, so currently to install this app you have to:

1. Clone this repo.
2. Compile this project.
3. Install it on your Android device.

Current features:

1. Color switching function, under which is a naive Bayesian method.
2. Archive function to see history diaries and moods.
3. Responds that are hardcoded.

Features to come:

1. Color switching function with a more mature and precise backend, such as an RNN (Recursive neural network).
2. Responses that are more intelligent, or say, no hard code, also need an RNN.
3. Network function (Maybe you can whisper to a friend).